Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slave Bracelet Rings, Gemstones and Silver

For the last week I've been racking my brain to think of something clever to put on here. Well, I'm going to keep it simple and wing it.
I play my part on the Promotional Frenzy Team on etsy; which is a fantastic place to sell well made, hand crafted items. It's a place where many creative minds craft a variety of different item. We all have our own strong points. Me, I love my jewelry.
What woman doesn't.
Right now I'm trying to prepare for the next big Holiday....VALENTINES DAY.
I'm sure so many men out there are racking their brains with what to get their special lady.
Take it from a woman, she just wants time with you. Not just sitting and watching a movie. Don't get me wrong, movies are great; but she wants to be shown off and I'm sure she wants to be shown off in style.
I, personally, love my Gemstones and Sterling Silver.
I do love a fancy outfit, trendy shoes and my hair done; but I just have to have some jewelry to spoof it up a bit.
I am the happy owner of a passionate shop called TheMysticalOasisGlow.
So, why don't you come and get your glow on at
Thank you so much for browsing.
Peace and Love