Monday, August 19, 2013

How do you feel about Nature?

Personally I love Nature. The crisp air alone is enough to give you peace; which is why many of my creations are Inspired by Nature. Feel free to check out the many pieces of Jewelry I have to offer in my online shop... All Custom Created by yours truly. A few are minimal and mass produced while 90% of my Shop items are crafted in such a unique way that you wont find items like my Handcrafted Jewelry anywhere else on the web. For Body Chains and Head Chain Crowns go to... Find more unique Bracelet Rings at... For more Barefoot Sandals, See... I hold a Raffle every 3 months. March, June, September and December. I accept Raffle entries for 2 weeks straight. On the 16th of these months, I hold a drawing for the Grand Prize winner. I gift 2nd and 3rd place depending on the turn out. See my Etsy profile page for more details at I also have a Discounts and Rewards program for returning Customers SIMPLY BUY WHAT YOU'VE BEEN SAVING FOR AND RECEIVE RAFFLE ENTRIES AS A BONUS. You don't necessarily have to spend a dime. For every person you refer that buys in, you will receive 1 FREE raffle Entry and a 2% discount. Refer 5 people and if all 5 people buy in, then you will receive 5 FREE raffle entries and a 10% discount coupon. (There's no limit). You could use the 10% discount coupon to buy in and receive even more raffle entries to add to your FREE raffle entries. ***Or... you could buy in first and then refer your friends just to be on the safe side. You can use your 10% discount coupon on the next raffle. I'll be holding them every 3 months. For every 5.00 you spend (before shipping and after coupon), you will receive 1 raffle entry. Spend 25.00 on an item before shipping and after coupon; and you will receive 5 raffle entries. There's no limit to how many times you can enter. Grand Prize winners will recieve....a custom made order valued at 30.00 ( I sell even body chains for that price) Or you may pick something from my shop that is already listed and priced at 30.00. You could ask for 2 sets of earrings if you wish. etc... I may decide to gift 2nd and 3rd prizes depending on the turn out. There hasn't been a raffle yet where I didn't give gifts for 2nd and 3rd place. Once a winner is drawn, I contact the winners via Etsy mail and then make sure to post who the winners are on my Etsy Profile page under my 'About Section'...